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Uganda’s Ugliest Man – Is He The Ugliest In The World?

Can you tell who the Ugliest man Alive is? I don’t think so! No one has met all the People alive, so its difficult to tell who the Ugliest among Men really is. But a Ugandan Man, Godfrey is referred by many as the Ugliest Man in the whole World. I have heard a saying that “the Beauty of a Man is His Money”. Take a good Look at the Pictures of this Man called Uganda’s Ugliest Man and Know if this saying applies to Him as well.

Uganda's Ugliest Man Continue reading →

Man Stands behind a lady for a while and this happened | See Photos

Man gets erection while standing behind a lady on a BRT queue. Erections is totally dependent on what goes on in the mind. I wonder what was really on this mans mind. To make him have an erection while standing behind a woman. Lols! Continue reading →

Texas man sues woman for texting during date

Texting during date turned out to be  a crime for a  lady who went on a date with a Texas man. Is it wrong for someone to text his or her friends in the midst of a date? The answer to this question may vary since people vary in their way of understanding. Continue reading →

Woman discovered her engagement ring in her necklace

engagement ring in her necklace A woman discovered her engagement ring in her necklace which she has worn for a year. Women can be surprised with many things but would be much more surprised if she discovers her engagement ring in her necklace. Imagine her feelings and emotions when she discovered that what she had been dreaming for was actually […] Continue reading →

Canadian visa lottery 2017 – 2018 Application & All you have to know

canadian visa lottery 2017 Recently there have been an online publication as regards to Canadian visa lottery 2017 for Nigerians and some other countries which many have been talking about and it have also been noticed that this intending Canadian visa lottery 2017 have a form and a mode of application that all the interested applicant have to follow […] Continue reading →

WWE Wrestling legend George ‘The Animal’ Steele is dead

WWE Wrestling legend George William James “Jim” Myers  born April 16, 1937 better known by his ring name George “The Animal” Steele, was an American professional wrestler, school teacher, author and actor. Steele’s career lasted from 1967 until 1988, though he made occasional wrestling appearances into the 1990s and 2000s. Continue reading →

Jay Bowdy commits suicide on Facebook live ( an upcoming US actor )

Jay Bowdy commits suicide on Facebook live Frederick Jay Bowdy commits suicide on Facebook live, a 33-year-old aspiring actor from Texas, killed himself in North Hollywood on Monday during a Facebook Live broadcast that was posted to his profile. Continue reading →

African Richest men 2017 | African billionaires and their net worth

African Richest men 2017 Forbes has published its annual list of African richest men 2017 and their net worth. This year, only 21 billionaires are on the list, worth a combined $70 billion. This is down from the 2015 list which featured 23 African billionaires worth a combined $79.8 billion and this is due to plunge in the price […] Continue reading →

US Presidential Election Winner – Donald Trump Wins Presidency 2016

US Presidential Election Winner – Donald Trump Wins Presidency 2016 – After all said and done the United States of America 2016 general election have been concluded and guess who made a shocking victory. Continue reading →

US News Today / US Breaking News – Follow US News on

US Breaking News I have been searching for this and that is the website that can always keep me updated on US News Today / US Breaking News and the news website that i can always follow up for Untied States News and thank God i found it and i have been making use of it of which […] Continue reading →