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WWE 2017 SummerSlam – WWE gets Fatal With The Fatal 4 Way Match

WWE 2017 SummerSlam – The Greatest event of the Summer is around the corner. Only a few days left. This event will take place on Sunday 20th of August, 2017. It will be happening at Barclays Center, Brooklyn,NY. Don’t miss out on this Event.

WWE 2017 SummerSlam

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Top 10 Highest Paid Footballers – Is Neymar the Highest Paid footballer?

Top 10 Highest paid Footbalers Top 10  Highest Paid Footballers – Recently the world of sports is buzzing with the weekly earnings of the Brazilian Youngster, Neymar. The huge some of money He is earning now only made Him the second highest Paid footballer after Carlos Tevez. See the top 10 highest Paid Footballer. Continue reading →

Neymar Transfer – Barcelona confirmed Neymar transfer by giving permission to leave training

Neymar Transfer Neymar Transfer latest news – Barcelona have confirmed that Neymar has been given permission to miss training as his move to Paris Saint-Germain closes in. Continue reading →

WWE Championship Belts – See the complete List

WWE Championship belts WWE Championship Belts – In every sporting activity, there is always a trophy for winners. In wrestling the trophies are in the form of Belts. The World Heavyweight Championship is the most prestigious Belt in WWE today. There are many other Belts and replica Belts for Fans. See the full list and pictures of WWE […] Continue reading →

Top 10 WWE Strongest Superstar – 2017 WWE Wrestlers Ranking

Top 10 WWE strongest superstar Top 10 WWE Strongest Superstar – Currently the wrestling world WWE is full of strong wrestlers. The likes of the Undertaker, Gold Berg, Roman Reighns, Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman. In the past decades, the most dominant wrestler was the dead man, the UNDERTAKER. But that mantle now belongs to the man that retired him, Roman […] Continue reading →

Highest Paid Nigerian Footballers – Top 10 list 2017

Highest Paid Nigerian Footballers Professional footballers are one of the highest paid athletics in the world and here in Nigeria their are many Nigerian professional footballers who are receiving whooping amount of money in a week, though not as if they usually pick it from the street they work very hard for it because if you don’t work as […] Continue reading →

World’s Highest Paid Footballers 2017 – View the top 10 list

Worlds Highest Paid Footballers 2017 - View the top 10 list Worlds Highest Paid Footballers 2017 – Have you ever cared to know who the World’s highest paid footballer is. If yes, then go through this article to be sure. For the previous years, the footballer that ranked first was none other than the Portuguese, Christiano Ronaldo. But with the recent transfer of players, he is […] Continue reading →

FA Rules Retroactive suspension for diving from next season

FA rules Retroactive suspension for diving from next season. The football association in order to curb the foul play of players on referees, decided to place a two match suspension for any defaulting player from next season. The FA will adopt a similar policy to the SFA from next season and retrospectively punish players who […] Continue reading →

2017 – 2018 Richest football clubs in the world list MAN-UTD leads

Richest football clubs in the world 2017 There have been a recent change in the list of Richest football clubs in the world according to the last update as Manchester United takes over Real Madrid according to Forbes to become Richest football clubs in the world 2017  with a total net worth of $2.235bn (£1.396bn). Continue reading →

Manchester United Players Salaries 2016 / 2017 Revealed

In this article we shall be taking our time to talk about Manchester United Players Salaries 2016 / 2017 as there have been changes don in the weekly wages of MAN-United players salary because of new signings and new contract. Continue reading →