How to Reply a Query letter for Misconduct in your working place

How to Reply a query letter for Misconduct  – Are you an employee and you have been given a query for misconduct by your boss for misconduct and you do not know how to approach it then this article is for you for here in this am going to be taking a very good look at what misconduct is all about and you can a approach it if one is putting forward to you.

Query letter for Misconduct

Well it have occur to me that not may people knows what this mean when one is on there table because we have gotten such questions like this Define misconduct in the workplace? What is employee misconduct?

Well the definition of misconduct can differs for example i can say that Misconduct means when you goes contrary to the laid down rules and regulation that is guiding an Institution, Government offices, Organization etc. When one goes country to the rules and regulation of his / her working place it can be called misconduct or bad behavior.

So misconduct means going against the laid down rules and regulation that guides your working palace. let us use this illustration below to understand what we are saying.

MR A works as a Security Guard in a Bakery Company and in their rules they are not allow to take a alcohol nor fight and MR A went and take alcohol during working time and get into a fight with another have you seen that MR A have breached the rules guiding his working place.

How to Reply a query letter for Misconduct in your working place

We believe that you have now understand what misconduct is all about, now let us now take a look at how you can a approach a query for misconduct or  How to Reply a query letter for Misconduct in your working place.

The first approach in answering a query letter is to understand the angle which you are been queried on, when you do this try and understand also how your colleagues in office understand this when you do that too you have just identified the angle to approach it from.

In answering a query letter for misconduct all you have to do is to put up an apology letter to your boss and you shouldn’t in any way be denying what you are been queried for rather you should consent to it and put an acceptable apology for it.

Sample to Letter to Reply a Query letter for Misconduct

Office Name (………………..)

Office of HOD Ministry of Finance

Ebonyi State

The Office Location

The State Ministerial Commissioner
(Location Here)
23 September 2016

May i please refer to the query directed to me on the 29th day of June 2014 on the above subject matter.
Sir i have been counseled for unlike behaviors which indicate that i have failed to see the severity of the situation and the significance of a good relationship with all parties in the ministry as written in the query.

To prove this beyond a reasonable doubt, you may wish to inquire from the ministry HOD Pollution Control Eze Victor Kelechi  and even the Permanent Secretary of the ministry.
I shall be courteous, considerate and prompt when serving the public. From today, I shall maintain respect and professional cooperation and conduct in my relationships with other HODs and other senior and junior staff in the ministry.

From now on i shall discharge my duties with high standards of honesty, integrity, and impartiality, flee from personal interest, considerations, and favoritism.

Your conclusion should look like this….

Sir, i humble request the Honorable Commissioner to dismiss the charge against me and exonerate me from any disciplinary action. I humbly submit for your kind consideration.

Yours faithfully

Your Signature

Your Name (HOD Ministry of Finance)


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