Npower online registration – – n power requirement 2017

npower online registration This article will guide you on how to apply for 2017 Npower online registration which have kicked off, Npower recruitment requirement and all you need to know about 2017 June – July Npower recruitment but before we get started with that i will like to a make brief Introduction of what Npower is all about […] Continue reading →

List of Worlds Highest Paid Celebrities 2017 Top 100 – Forbes

List of Worlds Highest Paid Celebrities 2017 Top 100 of the List of Worlds Highest Paid Celebrities 2017 – Global business magazine, Forbes, has released list of 100 highest-paid celebrities across the world in 2017, the list is complied from musicians to actors, sports stars and TV hosts, these are the celebrities that made the most money in the 12-month ranking period. Continue reading →

Evolution of Fish – When And How Fishes Evolved

It is the believe of Science that all living things in the World today evolved from a common ancestor, Last Universe Common Ancestor (LUCA). All land walking Animal today including you and I, evolved from Fishes. The question here is, “how did Fish came into existence?“.  Learn more about the evolution of Fish. Continue reading →

Nigeria Public Holidays – Dates of National Public Holidays in Nigeria

Nigeria Public Holidays Nigeria Public Holidays are those days set aside by Custom or Law during which our normal activities like business and education is either suspended or reduced. This article will guide you as a Nigerian, to be Patriotic by showing you the dates you should observe as Public holidays. Continue reading →

The Soil as a Living thing – Is it a Living thing or Not?

The soil is considered by many as a living thing, but how true is this. Although the soil is regarded as the skin of the Earth. This doesn’t make it a living thing. If you are asked to state whether the soil is living or not. You Ans should be that it is non-living. Read […] Continue reading →

GTWorld mobile app download for Android, iOS, BB & windows phone

gtworld mobile app download Have you heard about the new GTWorld mobile app and you want have it downloaded and enjoy it’s unique features that is been added in the app. With GTWorld mobile app, you have a Mobile Banking App that is designed to make banking so much easy and stress free and if you really want to […] Continue reading →

Nigeria immigration recruitment 2017/2018 Form is out – Apply here now!!!

Nigeria immigration recruitment 2017/2018 This is to inform the general public and all those who have been searching to know whether or not Nigeria immigration recruitment 2017/2018 form is out that the form is now out and all the interested candidates can apply now via the official website of Nigeria immigration service. Continue reading →

The Largest Animal On Earth – Find out which Animal it is

The Largest Animal On Earth The Earth is full of living and non living things. The Plants and the animals make up the living things. The Animal part ranges from the microscopic bacteria to the mammals. Mammals is the class in which the largest animal on earth belongs to. It is the Blue Whale. See the picture and more details […] Continue reading →